In January 2016, a Level 1 Training program was organised by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Sarah HANFFOU had the opportunity to meet several Haitian sports stakeholders, members of the national association and some presidents of clubs.


Following this event, the French club ASPC Nîmes and the Haitian club des Cayes, located in the south of Haiti, became partners. Ronald MUGWANYA, ITTF expert and PSF member, went to the Haitian club in April 2016 in order to conduct a level 1 Basic Certified Umpire course and also to celebrate the World Table Tennis Day.  The partnership between these 2 clubs was officially launched on this day.

This partnership is still growing stronger today thanks to the continuous support of   Nîmes club  towards the Cayes Club and particularly for their support in the  organisation of the World Table Tennis Day which was organised  in April 2017.

In July 2017, Sarah HANFFOU will return to Haiti for the 2nd part of the ITTF mission and will also reinforce the implementation development projects within  Cayes club.