A partnership between PING SANS FRONTIÈRES and the Kenyan table tennis association was signed in January 2016 when Ronald MUGWANYA visited the country.

Furthermore, in the beginning of 2017, PING SANS FRONTIÈRES launched a new program called “LET THE GIRLS PLAY”.

It is based in the city of Nairobi and more precisely in the slums of “Mathare”.










The program comes in response to social issues such as :

  • Early pregnancies within the community,
  • A high abortion rates,
  • A high unemployment rate,
  • The lack of self-confidence amongst the girls in that community.


Program’s aims:

There are 3 main objectives that form the back bone of this program

Predominantly, it is about bringing together the community through the practice of table tennis and in the process dealing with the social problems girls are struggling with.

In the long run, the project is designed to prove to the community that sport can break social barriers and bring solutions to the issues the citizens are facing. The program started with young girls of around 8 years old with the aim of  giving them the keys to grow within their society :


The program aims at promoting equal opportunities and access to sports for the young girls in the community. By encouraging practice of table tennis, trained educators will then have the opportunity to build awareness through holding public talks amongst the young girls on social issues affecting their community. This would enhance their integration in society.


By training the local craftsmen in the building of handcrafted table tennis tables, the economic activity will be stimulated. This aspect will encourage the interest of the community in the development and progress of the program. It will also attract the involvement from multiple stakeholders.


In order to sustain this program, some instructors will be trained on initiating table tennis in the school system. Others will be trained for higher sports goals. Adapted educational tools will be developed to precisely meet the program challenges. This first project, aiming the girls, is the pilot program but will evolve to be spread nationwide to reach out to other categories of the Kenyan population.