The story started when Sarah HANFFOU participated in the Francophonie games in 2005 in Niger with the French national table tennis team. During this competition, Sarah had the opportunity to visit Niamey’s club thanks to top athlete Jean Galfione’s association “Athlète du monde”.

A table outside, a broken net, only one table tennis ball, children playing on the side of the road very close to the traffic… Then it struck her : the very poor conditions in which table tennis is practiced but people are so passionnate about this sport all over Africa.

Convinced that table tennis has a social and educative role and after meeting with local players, Sarah HAFFOU wanted to develop and promote table tennis on the African continent.

In October 2006, the association “PING SANS FRONTIERES” was created.

From there on, the association kept on evolving and setting up projects.

No less than 7 field missions have been conducted in Cameroon, R.D., Congo and Togo.

After the distribution of all the equipment, many thing took place :  coaches training, training camps, building handcrafted tables and then massive promotion campaigns of table tennis in the school !

In October 2014, the association decided  to modify its core project and expand it from the African continent to all developing countries but also to the French territory.