togo 2015 ping sans frontieres

As in many developing countries, table tennis in Togo struggles to exist outside its capital Lomé.

The program PING PONG FOR ALL, PING PONG EVERYWHERE aims to democratize the practice of table tennis all over the country.

During the first mission in July, a tour allowed to organise a promotion campaign in the following cities: Sokodé, Kara, Dapaong, Aného.

This tour gave new impetus to table tennis in Togo:

  • Distribution of 50 kilograms of table tennis equipment (100 rackets, 1000 balls etc);
  • Discovery of this sport by more than 500 young people from disadvantaged areas;
  • Initiation of more than 50 persons suffering from physical disability;
  • Detection of the best young players in order to invite them to the national gatherings.



After this tour, several actions were organised in Lomé:

  • A Detection day gathering more than 100 children
  • Women day with 25 players
  • Training camp for the 20 best young players of the country
  • National Top 12 with the best players of the country

PING SANS FRONTIERES assists in their development all year long every center that had been visited.