Mission Burundi

This project aims to use table tennis in an inclusive way and as a tool of motor rehabilitation for children with handicap in three places in Burundi (Bujumbura, Muyinga and Gitega).

The goal of the project is then to give children who live in rehabilitation centers the opportunity to go to table tennis clubs in order to keep improving their talent and to take part in competitions and trainings with able-bodied players.

We have an inclusive approach. People have already been trained to ensure the management of the project.

Floride, our volunteer who is in charge of the project in Burundi, is granted a level 1 qualification by the International Table Tennis Federation.

A psychological follow-up is provided by a psychologist. All the table tennis sessions are adapted to the different handicaps of the children and are part of a rehabilitation process.

They are controlled by Alice, a table tennis player and a prosthetist in the St Kizito center.

Stage 1: January 2017 – June 2019

  • – Launching of the program in St Kizito Center

Stage 2: January 2020/December 2022

  • – Launching of the project in Gitega

Stage 3: January 2021-December 2023

  • – Launching of the project in Muyinga

Mission Burundi

Mission Burundi