Our Ambassadors

Aiming to enlarge its social purpose, PSF wishes to rally table tennis players involved in the worldwide competition field in order to advertise the association beyond its frontiers and reinforce the impact of its actions everywhere.

Hence, the Ambassadors panel reflects PSF’s cause: universality and diversity.

Whatever their gender, sports level or geographical origin, ambassadors carry PSF values and enjoy getting together  to contribute to a great cause: give most people the same chance that was given to us to build ourselves as individuals through table tennis practice.

PSF team is a group of professional players involved in the association as volunteers.

They rally their sporting entourage (fans, professional players, clubs, equipment providers, federations) in order to:

  • –  Promote the association and its values
  • –  Collect material
  • –  Donate their sports equipment for auctions
  • –  Take part in fund-raising
  • –  Go on field missions on behalf of the association

Thanks to their celebrity, their involvement strongly contributes to the promotion of events organized by the association and to the media coverage of its programs.

PSF team is composed of sponsors and ambassadors from the association.


World Ambassadors & France Ambassadors :

  • – Dimitri OVTCHAROV > Allemagne (N°11 Mondial)
  • – Segun TORIOLA > Nigéria (N°111 Mondial)
  • – Olufunke OSHONAIKE > Nigéria (N°177 Mondiale)
  • – Anne-sophie GOURIN > (N°101 Française)
  • – Stephane OUAICHE > (N°216 Mondial, N°27)
  • – Alexandre ROBINOT > (N°154 Mondial, N°13 Français)
  • – Mehdi BOULOUSSA > (N°40 Français)
  • – Vladimir SAMSONOV > Biélorussie (N°27 Mondial)
  • – Marco MADRID > Mexique (N°76 Mondial, N°52 Français)
  • – Rheann CHUNG > Trinidad et Tobago (N°446 Mondiale)
  • – Florian MERRIEN > (N°4 Mondial – Catégorie 3 Handisport)
  • – Antoine HACHARD > (N°237 Mondial, N°21 Français)
  • – Jérémy PETIOT > (N°206 Mondial)
  • – Gregoire JEAN > (N°250 Mondial, N°63 Français)