Throughout the missions made by Ping Sans Frontières, we have been able to become aware of all difficulties encountered.

The main problem is the limited access to sports equipment, especially to ping-pong tables that always are imported from outside the country with all the problems experienced (ecological footprint, huge costs, standards, customs issues…).

To solve this problem, Ping Sans Frontières has created its own ping-pong tables brand.

Our business TAKO was born to solve three major issues :

TAKO enables to reduce the ecological footprint : ping-pong tables are distributed in a short-circuit distribution, it is no longer question to import from other countries.

Local economy is also highlighted : TAKO uses local ressources for the build of the tables by employing local workers.

Lastly, TAKO is the first african table tennis brand and the first company that offers ping-pong tables 100% made in Ghana at low prices.

In addition to solving these issues, TAKO is also a social business whose aim is to support a social project. All benefits from the sales of the tables are reinvested in a social project.

At the moment, the project supported takes place in Ghana for the NGO Edudrive. The goal of this NGO is to use table tennis as an educational tool but also to set up tutoring classes and training sessions in schools.