Table tennis for girls aims to develop a program adapted to a female practice of this sport. It aims to energize their practice and make them take part in different responsibilities within associations. The goals of this feminization program are multiple:

  • –  improve access to table tennis for women
  • – Meet their needs while encouraging social mix
  • – Teach women and girls the values of this sport


Consequently,  support the Table Tennis for Girls program allows the clubs affiliated to PSF to:

  • –  Promote access to female practice, principally for young girls and women from Priority Areas of the City
  • –  Bring this sport to young girls and women in order to encourage them to join the closest club afterwards. Thanks to our partnerships and our associated clubs, special prices can be proposed
  • – Encourage a regular practice of this sport through table tennis in order to encourage women and girls to practice sports and get involved in associative projects.